Buyers Auction Fees

Buyer: 10% Commission

Non EEA Credit Card Surcharge - 3% / Credit Card payments from countries outside of the European Economic Area will be subject to a 3% surcharge

Optional: Loss & Breakage Assurance charged at 3% of the total value of all Lots included in your order.

Finally we also charge a Late Payment Fee of 3% of the entire order if payment is not received within 3 days from the end of an auction (72 hours).

More information found here: Buying Rum

Sellers Auction Fees

Seller: 5% Commission

Listing Charges:

  • Listing Fee - £3
  • Optional Reserve Fee* - £4
  • *Rum Auctioneer's minimum permitted reserve price per lot is £150.
  • **Rum Auctioneer can only accept a reserve price at a maximum of 110% of its retail value on products within the first 6 months since their release.

Additional Charges

  • International Bank Transfers require the seller to accept all costs

More information found here: Selling Rum

Please note VAT is applicable to all fees and surcharges.