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Rum Shark 2020 Release 4 x 70cl

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Rum Shark 2020 Release 4 x 70cl

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56% & 69%
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4 x 70cl
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Rum Shark 2020 Release 4 x 70cl

A collection of five bottles of 2020 releases from the Scottish rum bottling company Rum Shark including

  • Clarendon 2006 Rum Shark 14 Year Old , 69% , Ex-Boourbon matured 
  • New Yarmouth 1994 Rum Shark 26 Year Old , 69%, Ex-Boourbon matured 
  • Uitvlugt 1999 Rum Shark 21 Year Old , 56%, Refill Rum cask Matured
  • Hampden 2005 Rum Shark 15 Year Old, 69%, Refill Rum cask Matured

Clarendon distillery is one of the Caribbean’s newer rum factories, built back in 1949. Back then, it was a small operation, running a single pot still produced by legendary Louisville, Kentucky coppersmiths, Vendome. Today it is joined by a second, larger pot still of Indian manufacture, a modern five-column still, both installed in 2009. Operating between January and October each year, the distillery produces around 12 million litres of alcohol each year. Clarendon is technically two distilling operations in one. National Rums of Jamaica has a 73% share, with the remaining 23% owned by their biggest customer, Diageo, who end up taking 90% of Clarendon’s total output for their Captain Morgan and Myers’s brands.

Located in the Clarendon parish of Jamaica, New Yarmouth is J. Wray & Nephew’s sister distillery to their globally renowned Appleton Estate. Although decidedly less prominent, it is far larger and also operates both pot and column stills, providing much of the rum for its parent company’s brands, including Edwin Charly, Coruba and Wray & Nephew Overproof.

Uitvlugt, pronounced [eye-flut] was located on the west bank of the Demerara river near the Dutch-established town of the same name. The distillery was established at the end of the 18th century and remained Dutch-owned until the government in Guyana began to nationalise and consolidate the country’s rum production in 1974. Thereafter it became part of the portfolio of Demerara Distillers Ltd (DDL), who closed it down at the end of 1999. Uitvlugt originally operated double wooden pot stills, however these were replaced by a four column French Savalle still in the early 1920s. A double wooden pot still was reinstalled in the 1950s however, moved there from the closed Port Mourant distillery. In addition, Uitvlugt also received the EHP wooden coffey still and Versailles single wooden pot still when DDL closed Enmore in 1994. These four are all now known as the “Heritage Stills,” and have remained operational since being moved to Diamond in 2000, the last remaining distillery in the country.

The Hampden Estate was founded in 1753 by a Scotsman called Archibald Sterling, in the Queen of Spain valley of Jamaica’s Trelawny parish. For 250 years it remained family owned, selling rum to third-party blenders and independent bottlers. Mismanagement however meant that by 2003 it was in financial trouble, with the Jamaican government stepping in to assume ownership and some of its debt in order to preserve the jobs of its employees. They sold it in 2009 to the Hussey family’s Everglades Farms, who as first point of business began laying down the casks that would eventually become the first Hampden Estate labelled official bottling of the distillery’s rum, launched in collaboration with Velier in 2018. Famed for its heavy, ester-driven style, Hampden is joined by Worthy Park as the only two Jamaican distilleries that produce exclusively pure single rums (using only pot stills). It currently has four pot stills: two from Forsyths in Scotland, one from Vendome in Kentucky, and another from T&T Engineering in South Africa.

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