Clement 1966 Rhum Tournaire A Spotlight On The Clément 1966 Tournaire

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Something Extraordinary..

A beautiful partnership between Habitation Clément, Baccarat Crystal and La Maison Tournaire; three French labels with a shared talent and passion for transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. This association created a singular masterpiece - the most expensive bottle of rum in the world.

Each with a prestigious reputation in their respective fields, Baccarat Crystal and La Maison Tournaire worked for over a year together to design and produce a bespoke crystal decanter crowned with a diamond encrusted, rose gold stopper crafted as a reproduction of Habitation Clément. The one-of-a-kind set also included a bronze display stand, leather bound presentation and a price tag of €100,000.

Eight replicas of this singular set were produced in the same Baccarat decanter, bronze stand and presentation case, however, Tournaire withdrew the diamonds, and ornamented the stopper in bronze with red and yellow gold detailing.

The bottle brought to auction through Rum Auctioneer is bottle #1 of these eight replicas. With only eight of these truly bespoke sets available worldwide, this provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire the hero bottle of your rum collection.

The 1966 Clément

Distilled in 1966 and sent to sleep for 25 years on oak in the tropical paradise of Habitation Clément in Martinique, the 1966 vintage is a rum of extreme rarity.

This precious liquid was bottled in 1991, however, the entirety of stock was held in reserve at the distillery, and it was not until 2016 that the time was right for this bottle to be released to lovers of rum - with a presentation befitting such exceptional liquid.

Habitation Clément

Habitation Clément is the historic home and birthplace of Rhum Clément. Founded on the plot of an old Créole sugar plantation, the site is steeped in French West Indian heritage.

Established in 1887 by Homère Clément, Rhum Clément is considered a treasure of Martinique with a resilient French identity, enriched by its Caribbean culture. Renowned for their unique terroir-driven flavour profile, exceptional vintages and world-class expertise they have naturally found themselves as the emblem of great Rhum Agricole.

The Habitation Clément estate was registered as a historical monument in 1996 and recognised by the French Cultural Minister as “The House of Illustrators” in 2012, and its 16-hectare park “Jardin Remarquable” in 2015.


La Maison Tournaire

“Collecting, erecting, tweaking, complementing a stone to another stone, or to many others, combing colors until you create a jewel: It is a balance, it is harmony...”  

Philippe Tournaire, born 1949 in Saint-Germain-Laval, became one of the greatest names of his time. Tournaire gained as much experience as possible in gems and jewelling from a stonemason, Jacques Secretan, a diamond merchant, Jean Grosfilley and a jeweller, Jean Giraud, before establishing his own Parisian jewellers in 1984.

Characterized by their freedom of expression, associated with the power of their symbols, Tournaire’s style has compelled recognition for many years in France and among the world.  

The entire process is realized in France with the same finesse, from the most simplistic to the most extraordinary pieces, The House of TOURNAIRE can handcraft any of your precious memories and turn them into a masterpiece.