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There is no better way to expand your knowledge on rum and its diverse range of flavours than tasting as many different examples as possible. The rum category is full of exciting, complex and unique expressions to explore from the dark and full tasting examples of Barbados, or the smoother lighter rums of Cuba and the distinctly punchy rhum agricoles of Guadeloupe, there is a huge range waiting to be explored. 

If you're not sure where to start on your rum tasting adventures, you may opt to begin with those that have already claimed a victorious reputation through scooping up some awards. Just a few days ago, the results from The Rum Masters 2020 were announced revealing the rums, spanning a number of different styles, that came out on top in the category. Not to our surprise, the tasting panels uncovered a "goldmine of winners", as the category showcased a diverse range of rums that impressed. 

We took a look through the results and are extremely excited to have so many gold medal winners featured in our March Auction! Below we've compiled a list of just a few of the gold-medal winners that you could discover in our current auction:

  • Plantation XO 20th Anniversary
  • Berry Brothers & Rudd Jamaican Rum Classic Range
  • Havana Club Professional Edicion B
  • Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve
  • Trois Rivières Rhum Ambré Agricole

From Plantation XO to an independent Berry Brothers & Rudd Jamaican bottling there are a diverse range of award-winning rums you can find in our auctions.

Concluding the awards was a double back to re-taste the Master winners and elect the 'best in class' Taste Master of 2020. This highly coveted title was pinched by Foursquare distillery's Rum Sixty Six Family Reserve, an aged blend of pot and column still Bajan rum, aged for twelve years and bottled on the Foursquare estate. This rum also features in our March Auction, so if you want to get your hands on 2020's Taste Master you are in luck!

A full list of award-winners can be found here.


About The Rum Masters

The Rum Masters is a blind tasting competition for the rum category organised by the online spirits publication, The Spirits Business. The tastings were held over two days and consisted of three different tasting panels which featured panellists from various spirit tasting backgrounds including esteemed bar managers, brand ambassadors, journalists, spirits buyers and the WSET qualifications director.