oliver of rum tasting notes In Conversation With: Oliver Gerhardt of Rum Tasting Notes

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Talented software developer and rum fanatic Oliver Gerhardt developed the Rum Tasting Notes app in order to more easily manage his rum collection and tasting notes. The intuitive app offers rum devotees worldwide an easy and accessible way to manage their own rum collections using a constantly growing database of bottles, currently sitting at more than 2600, along with an additional tasting notes section, wish list function and personalised recommendations. We spoke to Oliver about this incredible app and his passion for rum


Firstly, we think Rum Tasting Notes is a fantastic app, what inspired you to develop it?

In the last few years I have been exploring the exciting world of rum more and more. It all started with the tasting of a Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. I was simply thrilled by the sweetness and the round taste. After a short time I discovered and learned to love unsweetened rum and the variety of single cask bottlings. In the course of time I added a lot of bottles and samples to my collection. To keep track of all the rums I've tasted, I started to note my tastings in an Excel spreadsheet. But it wasn't fun. As an enthusiastic iOS user I thought: There has to be an app for that. Unfortunately, I didn't find an app that supports me in managing my collection and is fun to use. Since I am professionally and personally involved with software development, I set myself the goal to develop my own app. That was the birth of Rum Tasting Notes. After nine months of development I released the app shortly before Christmas 2018 in the iOS App Store. That was exciting! Since then, I've been developing the app with a lot of heart and soul alongside my master's degree.


What are your plans for the app in the future?

The next big milestone is the release of an associated Android app. Here I have already worked out the groundwork and developed the first concepts. However, since I am currently developing the app on my own and part-time, the Android version will take some time.

At the same time I want to extend the iOS version with more cool features. In addition to new community services, such as friend lists and comment functions, and an integration with your platform Rum Auctioneer is planned. 


Can you tell us a little about your own rum collection?

I started with a small collection of light and Spanish rums. Among them were classics like the Plantation Barbados XO 20th Anniversary and popular rums from Ron Zacapa. I really started collecting rums when I discovered the variety of single cask bottlings. Meanwhile my rum cabinet holds over 100 bottles and over 200 samples of independent bottlers like Velier, Compagnie des Indes and Rum Artesanal. I actually opened most of my bottles to enjoy them with friends and to inspire beginners with the amazing variety. The most valuable bottle at the moment is a Caroni Single Cask from 1996 (Kirsch Whisky). But I would like to save this bottling for a special moment.


What is your holy grail of rums that you would love to add to your collection?

I am a big fan of the Hampden distillery and especially the amazing bottlings of my birth year 1990. Here I am still looking for the bottlings from The Rum Cask and Duncan Taylor.


If you could only drink one rum for the rest of your life what would it be?

That's hard. If I had to choose it would probably be my current favorite Jamaican rum. The 12 year old New Yarmouth from Compagnie des Indes (Bottled for Denmark) from 2005. This fantastic bottling really blows me away every time. Fortunately I still have a bottle in the cellar as a backup.


Finally, what do you think Rum Auctioneer will bring to the rum community?

Rum Auctioneer will give the community the opportunity to discover rare bottlings that are very hard to find on the market or no longer available at all. Collecting and enjoying these rare bottlings is a big part of the fascination of our hobby. The platform offers the necessary safety that even with valuable bottles everything is handled perfectly and seriously. 


A big thank you to Oliver of Rum Tasting Notes! Please make sure to download the iOS App from the Apple Store (Android users, just a little patience required but this will soon also be available for you!). The Rum Tasting Notes app is currently only available in Europe, however, it is currently being developed for an international release.