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Rum Auctioneer Ltd. believe that the key to our ethical conduct is openness, honesty and trustworthiness.

We are committed to providing a fair, transparent and uncompromising service for all users of our site, alongside complete confidentiality, attention to detail and a reliable product that has been delivered with an awareness of environmental impact.

To ensure that we achieve the above stated objectives we maintain certain policies that guide our company’s actions:

  • When valuing rum we will do so in an open and honest manner using the most up to date auction results.​
  • We will clearly state the terms that the customer agrees to abide by when registering on our site and the customer’s rights as a user of our site in our Terms and Conditions document. For further details please see our Terms and Conditions.
  • When listing bottles for auction we will aim to do so clearly and accurately so that buyers understand the product they are bidding on.
  • We will always identify and clearly present any damage or condition issues with a product through a combination of description and images on a listing.
  • We will never knowingly list a fake or forged product on our site, nor will we encourage the sale or production of counterfeit rum.
  • Shill bidding (the placing of a bid on an item by the seller of said item in order to generate a higher price) is strictly forbidden. We will attempt to detect all shill bidding on the site and will take action to stop this.
  • It is strictly forbidden for any staff member to utilise knowledge obtained from our website concerning other users in order to unfairly advantage their own buying or selling activities or that of a family member or friend. Any indication that this has happened will be grounds for appropriate disciplinary action.
  • We will never divulge details of our users or their buying and selling activities to a third party.
  • We are an environmentally conscious company and aim to use as much recycled materials as possible when shipping items and to re-use any functional packaging material which we receive.
  • Find out more about our website, your rights and how we use data on our Privacy Policy.

Corporate and Social Responsibility Statement

Rum Auctioneer considers itself to be a champion of rum, a spirit that displays a stunning diversity that reflects the individuality of each of the regions in which it is produced.  We also understand that rum carries with it a long history and that the beginnings of the industry were borne out of slavery and exploitation, a grave and dark past that must not be ignored or forgotten. Due to the nature of the content that we feature in our auctions, we know we have a platform and an active role to play in the global dialogue around racial equality.

It is not our wish to upset or offend anyone with the content of our auctions. We have previously taken the decision not to list bottles with clear connotations of enslaved or exploited peoples. Given the long and complex history of colonialism in rum producing regions and the ongoing effects that are still felt to this day we know that we need to put more consideration into the context we provide and what we allow to appear on our platform. This is an ongoing process, and we are actively learning to become better informed on the realities of the rum industry, past and present, and how we communicate this to our customers. We welcome all and any input from our audience on this.

Whilst acknowledging the past, we also want to celebrate the present and future of rum and the progressive distilleries that are forging a new path for the spirit as the industry continues to grow and gain a following globally.

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