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Ship Stored Orders

By submitting this form we will provide you with an additional charge on our website to handle the shipping costs for the orders. Please allow 10 days following payment for shipping/tracking details to come through to you via email. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Our UK Head office is open Monday to Saturday and our Netherlands office is open Monday to Friday for collections. Should you wish to collect your bottles in person, please book an appointment first:

Book Appointment for UK Head Office

Book Appointment for Netherlands Office

Please note: As all items enter the Netherlands they require an excise charge. This will be invoiced and payment required prior to collection. Customers arranging collection either in person, or via a third party, are responsible for the local customs declarations in your destination as per the usual rules on personal allowances.

The below form requests shipping destinations for lots sold from our UK and Netherlands offices. If you have stored lots at our UK Head Office and Netherlands Office, shipping will be charged separately. Please note: They will also be shipped from different offices so may not arrive at the same time.