Seller's Fees and Payment Terms

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Fees and payment terms for selling at online auction

Rum Auctioneer  is passionate about and recognises the importance of ensuring that our customers have confidence and trust in our services. As such, we are committed to providing information on our fees clearly and accurately to help customers make informed decisions on selling rum in our auctions. 





We charge £5 (ex VAT) to register on our site.  This gives you lifetime access to our regular monthly and exclusive auctions. The registration cost is non-refundable and is used to authenticate users and mitigate against illegitimate bidding. 



Selling Commission: 5%  of the final hammer price 

Listing Fee: £6 per Bottle 

(Optional) Reserve Fees*: £10 per Lot 

Value Added Tax (VAT) where applicable is charged to the commission and surcharges.

*Minimum Reserve Price is £150 and Maximum Reserve Price within the first six months for new releases is equal to the recommended retail price (RRP) + 10% 



(Optional) Packaging material provided (on request by the seller): £5 plus shipping. 
(Optional) Courier Fees: this varies depending on your location and weight of the items, but we are currently offering free courier collections with the EU and UK.
(Conditional) Payments made internationally require the seller to accept all international transfer fees. 



If an item is sold, Rum Auctioneer aims to pay sellers within  21 business days  of the auction finishing. 


What happens if my item does not meet the reserve price I set?

If your item fails to meet a reserve price, we still require the listing fee and reserve fee be paid. 

We will then offer you a chance to re-list the item (subject to fees) or discuss returning the bottle to you (subject to delivery charge).

How much is my rum worth?

The value of a bottle of rum is constantly fluctuating according to supply and demand. Rum Auctioneer can provide a valuation according to the latest market trends. If you would like a free, no-obligation valuation, please visit our Free Auction Estimate page.

How do I sell my rum?

All the information you need to sell your rum can be found in our Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Rum at Auction, which has been designed to guide newcomers through our easy and hassle-free service to get started selling rum online.

Are there any items you don't accept?

Due to various reasons we don't accept the following items:

  • Cream liqueurs
  • Home-made merchandise
  • Items which could contain risk to our customers, for example liqueur chocolates
  • All unofficial miniature re-bottlings, with the exception of Perfect Measure and Drinks by the Dram.

Rum Auctioneer reserves he right to accept or reject any bottles at their own discretion.